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OEM&ODM Service


Under the support of newgreen's strong production capacity and research and development technology, the company set up a branch specializing in providing OEM services, which is Xi’an GOH Nutrition Inc. GOH means green, organic, healthy, the company is committed to providing solutions for different customers, in the face of different problems faced by human health life to propose corresponding nutrition programs, serving human health life.

Newgreen and GOH Nutrition Inc focuse on providing OEM services and is committed to meeting the individual needs of customers. We offer a wide range of OEM products, including OEM capsules, gummies, drops, tablets, instant powders, packaging and label customization.

Choosing the Best Herbal Products for Your Business

1. OEM Capsules

OEM capsules are swallowed dosage forms commonly used in nutraceuticals and herbal preparations. All our Capsule shells are made of vegetable fibers and contain the active ingredient in powder or liquid form. The capsule has the characteristics of easy absorption, convenient carrying and use. Through OEM capsules, we can produce personalized products suitable for specific target audiences according to your own formula and ingredient requirements.

Our OEM capsule products cover a variety of different uses and functions. Whether it is health care products, medicines or other nutritional supplements, we can customize capsules according to customer needs. We have first-class production facilities and technical teams, which can ensure the production of high-quality, standard-compliant capsule products. At the same time, our R&D team can also provide technical support to assist customers in developing unique formulas.


2. OEM Gummies

Our OEM gummy products are one of the most popular options on the market. Whether it is traditional fruit-flavored gummies, or gummies with special flavors and functions, we can customize according to customer requirements. We use high-quality raw materials and strictly control the quality during the production process to ensure that the taste and flavor of the gummies meet customer expectations.

OEM Gummies are soft and easy-to-chew candy formulations. Gummies often come in a variety of flavor options and nutritional content such as vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts. Through OEM fudge, we can customize unique fudge products according to market demands and taste preferences of target audiences. The customizability of gummies allows customers to create your own brands and product lines.


3. OEM Tablets

OEM tablet is a solid dosage form widely used in the field of medicine. Tablets are usually made of compressed active ingredients and excipients, which have the advantages of accurate dosage and convenient administration. Through OEM tablet, we can produce high-quality and reliable tablet products according to your own technical requirements and the needs of the target market.

4.OEM Drops

OEM drops are the type of drops that are applied to liquid formula products. Drops provide precise dosing and are easy to use, and are commonly used in oral care products and healthcare products. Through OEM drops, we can customize drop products that are easy to use and accepted by consumers according to your own formula and functional requirements.


5. OEM Instant Powders

OEM instant powder is a soluble powder dosage form, which is widely used in health care products, sports nutrition and ready-to-eat beverages. Instant powder dissolves quickly in water for convenience and easy absorption. Through OEM instant powder, we can provide a variety of customization options according to different product needs and taste preferences.

Instant powder includes organic mushroom powders, mushroom coffee, fruit and vegetable powders, probiotics powder, super green powder, super blend powder etc. We also have 8oz, 4oz and other specific bags for powders.


6. OEM Package and Label

In addition to the product itself, we also provide OEM packaging and label customization services. We can design and make unique packaging and labels according to the customer's brand image and market positioning. Our design team has rich experience and creativity, which can help customers improve the visual effect and brand recognition of products. At the same time, we can also provide a variety of packaging materials and solutions according to customer needs to ensure the safety and convenience of products during transportation and storage. Finally, as a professional OEM supplier, we pay attention to cooperation and communication with customers. Our team will work closely with customers, listen to their needs and opinions, and provide timely feedback and support. We always maintain the principles of transparency and integrity to ensure that customers can obtain satisfactory products and services. If you need custom OEM capsules, gummies, packaging or labels, welcome to contact us. We will wholeheartedly provide you with high-quality and personalized service!