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About Us


Who We Are?

Newgreen Herb Co.,Ltd, is the founder and leader of China's plant extract industry, and has been engaged in the production and R&D of herbal and animal extract for 27 years. Up to now, our company has owned 4 complete independent and mature brands, namely Newgreen, Longleaf, Lifecare and GOH. It has formed a health industry group integrating production, education and research, science, industry and trade. Our products are exported to more than 70 countries and regions such as North America, European Union, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia.

Meanwhile, we have maintained long-term cooperative relations with five Fortune 500 companies, and has carried out commercial cooperation with many large and medium-sized private enterprises and state-owned enterprises, which are all over the world. We have rich service experience in various cooperation with various regions and enterprises.

At present, the comprehensive production strength of us has become a leading position in the northwest region of China, and has strategic cooperation with many domestic factories and R&D institutions. We firmly believe that we have the best competitiveness, and we will be your best choice and your absolutely reliable business partner.

Our Culture

Newgreen is dedicated to producing premium quality herbal extracts that promote health and wellbeing. Our passion for natural healing drives us to carefully source the finest organic herbs from around the world, ensuring their potency and purity. We believe in harnessing the power of nature, combining ancient wisdom with modern science and technology to create herbal extracts with potent results. Our team of highly skilled experts, including botanists, herbalists and extraction experts, work diligently to extract and concentrate the beneficial compounds found in each herb.

Quality is at the heart of our business philosophy.

From cultivation to extraction and production, we meticulously adhere to strict industry standards and regulations. Our state-of-the-art facility utilizes cutting-edge equipment and technology to ensure the integrity and consistency of our herbal extracts.

Sustainability and ethical practices are deeply ingrained in our operations.

We work closely with local farmers to promote fair trade principles and support the communities that grow these precious herbs. Through responsible sourcing and environmentally conscious practices, we strive to minimize our ecological footprint and contribute to a healthier planet. We are proud of our comprehensive range of herbal extracts that serve the needs of various industries including pharmaceutical, nutraceuticals, cosmetics and more.

Customer satisfaction is our long-term desire.

We value long-term partnerships and are committed to exceeding expectations by providing personalized service, top product quality and competitive pricing. We are dedicated to helping businesses and individuals achieve their goals and live healthier lives.

We will always persevere in technology innovation.

Our commitment to research and development enables us to continuously innovate and introduce new products that meet changing consumer preferences and market needs. Meanwhile, To meet the customers' requirements, we also provide the products as customers' demands. We are always committed to giving our customers excellent products and services that they expect and deserve.

Newgreen adheres to the concept of science and technology modernization, quality optimization, market globalization and value maximization, to actively promote the development of global human health industry. The employees uphold integrity, innovation, responsibility and pursuit of excellence, to provide the best service for customers. Newgreen Health Industry keeps innovating and improving, adheres to the research of top quality products suitable for human health, to create a global competitiveness of the world's first-class science and technology enterprise group in the future. We invite you to experience the distinct benefits of our products and join us on a journey towards optimal health and wellness.

Production Ability

As a professional manufacturer of plant extracts, Newgreen put the whole operation of our factory under strict quality control, from the planting and purchasing of the raw materials to the manufacturing and packaging of the products.

Newgreen processes herbal extracts with modern technology and in compliance with European standards. Our processing capacity is approximately 80 tons of raw material (herbs) per month using eight extraction tanks. The whole production process is controlled and monitored by experts and experienced staff in the field of extraction. They must ensure consistency in product quality and adherence to international standards.

Newgreen is in full accordance with GMP standard of the State to establish and improve our production system and quality assurance system to adequately ensure the safety, efficacy and stability of our products. Our company has passed ISO9001, GMP and HACCP certifications. In recent years, our company has been relying on the industry-leading R&D, excellent production capacity and perfect sales services system.

Quality Control/Assurance


Raw Material Inspection

We carefully select the raw materials used in the production process from different regions. Each batch of raw materials will undergo component inspection before production to ensure only high quality materials are used in the manufacture of our products.


Production Supervision

Throughout the production process, each stage is closely monitored by our experienced supervisors to ensure that the products are manufactured according to the prescribed quality standards and specifications.


Finished Product

After the production of each batch of products in the factory workshop is completed, two quality inspection personnel will conduct random inspection of each batch of finished products in accordance with the standard requirements, and leave quality samples to send to customers.


Final Inspection

Before packing and shipping, our quality control team conducts a final inspection to verify that the product meets all quality requirements. Inspection procedures include physical and chemical properties of products, bacterial tests, chemical composition analysis, etc. All these test results will be analyzed and approved by the engineer and then sent to the customer.